Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Tale Of The Dreaming Woman

(Winslow Homer - Young Girl At Window 1875)

The Tale Of The Woman Who'd Been Awaiting

There the day dimmed,
on the bank of faith,
which rolled enviably
in dancing movements, 
two kisses further from a tear,
without a lie and sincerely hers.
What's hidden in human hearts...

Disclosed she'd already been,
and remained this way
when the dusk came,
every evening there
on the gallery, a night owl:
"It'll come since I'm expecting its dawn!"
The night recognized her and quivered
with the familiar dither everything new brings...

She laughed when she was left alone,
all by herself,
- her comb always next to her pillow -
and she stared at the sea.
Then she knew the answer,
she found out the news 
and sang them...

In a hostile mood against time,
she inconsiderately dispersed the moments
during her wanderings.
Exploring the air,
her thoughts danced in a row
but she couldn't reach
a logical conclusion...

When, at last,it arrived on her hands, 
and it remained untouched
- it was an old debt -
it stopped being a secret
and taught her the future.


(written in 1990)

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