Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ode to my blender


Oh you, handy and convenient appliance!
Even when you demonstrate defiance,
you are my favorite machine!

Oh, you’re always ready to process what’s eatable,
and, though your whirl could not be beatable,
you make my mind follow your spin!

Oh you, my whimsy and indispensable companion!
Milkshakes and sorbets to grace with a fanion
you help me offer to our guests!

Oh, how much I appreciate our partnership!
Without you, what fertile relationship
would open tracks for my quests?

So now, let me humbly grab the chance to praise you.
I don’t intend to tease or to amaze you;
just to say: Happy to have you!

And, though I cherish dearly all my kitchen tools,
I can’t deny that, above all those jewels,
I really, thoroughly love you!


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