Friday, March 1, 2013

A-new operating system

The first time I got to know it

- being in the eye of a hurricane -
it was obviously not a lenient cane.

Happily I discovered it was a kid

turning my disk into a playground
gyrating like a merry-go-round.

My convenient friend was its ease

An interface for every application
Sometimes I needed extra information

Scarcely had I visited the terminal

Someday I received the "cd" command
and typed my "pwd" to understand

But my server was indeed infectious 

So I typed "mv" to examine closer
What I saw made me "sudo" poser

Trying to make server "-h" I failed me

"Man help" I asked on the one hand
"Man intro" on the other - I hit land

Soon as a "free" report enforced me

to "ctrl+w" the infected files and log
Then a "man -k foo" guided the dog

"Man -k nautilus" served me right

and a "whatis" shifts me alright
to an "alt -f" on my command line

So now I try to end formatting

until a "mount --make-shared mountpoint"
will enable an "fsync" on our standpoint.


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