Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Pupil's Notebook I: My country

 My country is a small one. But, according to the Greeks worldwide, it has given its lights to the whole Globe. All the other civilizations, preceeding and following it, were just immitations.
My country is called Hellas, but I don't like this name, because it reminds me of Hell. I prefer its other name, Greece, used by almost all foreigners, because it resonates better – and it also reminds me of Reece (Witherspoon).
My country is said to be a crossroads, and quite often there are conflicts between Greeks and their neighbours – or even Greeks between them – about the function of the traffic lights.
As I see it on the map, it reminds me of a leaning lady trying to gather her pieces from the sea. On her back, she's carrying her extensive and heavy history like a Cross. She's always looking for a Simon from Cyrene to share her load and take a breath. Sometimes she finds one, sometimes not...
My country also reminds me of The Thinker by Rodin, who stands still, but within his head there are such storms taking place that every now and then shapes and forms spring out of his skull. He doesn't seem to notice them, since he is lost in his thoughts...
The population of my country consists of a variety of artists: impressionists, expressionists, abstract, realists, surrealists, symbolists, dadaists, fauvists...(a birdie tweets it to me). A similar synthesis is present in the population of many other countries too, but never the same whatsoever.
My country has principles and values, found in XA XA and XO XO*. Their indices are flexible and their balance a pick of fight between those who see it always negative and those who see it positive on the given moment – and vice versa.
The landscapes of my country are breathtaking, but to tell you the truth I cannot tell them from similar ones from other nations shown in various photos on the internet. Either my country contains every other country topographically or landscapes around the Globe are pretty much the same and only someone's love for their country colors them differently.
My country is my country. It is not plain land, people or cultural, social, financial data, it is all these together. That's why I can carry it with me wherever I go. It is the main app in the tablet of my life.
This is my glance at my country. It isn't fresh, as I have “stolen” from every glance I have read. You can say it is “freshened up” - or just “filtered”.

P.S.: Miss, I had a lot of homework and I couldn't write more. Sorry!

* A pun refering to the initiatives of Athens Stock Exchange (XA) (money), the Golden Dawn Party (XA) (politics) and the Christian Orthodox identity (XO) (religion), where principles and values are often mentioned but each one has to test their truth. 

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