Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fusion Of Senses

Like of the lies far away frontiers
and of the moments current plucks
thoughts are running through
from our Here to our Now
within the voids swollen by the distance
throw some codes for me to come.
Taste has found remedies.

Several people are defencefully absolute keepers
and several others open and hear life
The duplicate voices 
converse with the gaps
within the buttons tormented by the composition
hang some eigths for me to come.
Hearing has found a metal.

When the accounts saw sideways
and the cubisms passed out
at the open fog
the waves consented
within the sparks dominated by optics
sprinkle some nods for me to come.
Vision has found a glade.

Much as faithfully the landfills ooze
and Sundays vent out fragrances 
chemical ingredients
exceed in our breaths
within the freon gas deceiving the buds
spread a fresh breeze for me to come.
Smell has found an ally.

Every time the etesian winds crusade
and the miserables whip fibers
into regular exclamation points
will comes forth on the bow
within the touches passing through the wires
feel my current so that I come.
Touch has found its senses.


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