Monday, May 28, 2018

Spirit and meaning


   Every celebration is essentially an attribution of meaning. To the specific day, and everything it includes. Conveyor of the meaning is the spirit.The personal and, beyond this, the collective. Beyond them, with but also out of them, the Holy Spirit.
   Attributing a meaning to everything...Wherever there is a meaning, there is a festivity - and respect and love. Wherever there is love and respect, there is God. Isn't this the essence of life? The cultivation of mind is conducted according to meaning, isn't it? Meaning defines and determines our choices and decisions, doesn't it?
  "Never mind! This isn't meaningful!",we say and withdraw from somebody or something. A shallow person is usually called "mindless" (without a mind to give meaning to their actions, their thoughts, their life). "Mental", "spiritual" is everything that can be conveyed and acknowledged by the mind, by the spirit, so it has a meaning...Moreover, through the heaps of information we encounter - or even we are inundated with - every day, which pieces do we keep? Only the ones that have a meaning to us, a meaning recognized and processed by our brain, either consciously or subconsciously...
   Whatever delineates and specifies our thoughts, our actions, our behavior, is the meaning coming out of our interraction with our environment, isn't it? It is the common resultant of our inner world and outside world, isn't it? If we seperate those two worlds, don't all the problems emerge? (Yes, even the financial ones - only in a more indirect way than the emotional and psychological). Isn't it when we try to apply the meaning of others on our life that we lose it? Because every one of us, and especially those who consciously try to attribute a meaning to their daily life, is unique, in the sense that the meaning is constructed personally and inter-personally, with a dynamics surpassing the "common sense".
   After all, quitting every kind of meaning or the inability for a meaning to be found is the operative reason - as well as the main characteristic - of depression, isn't it? Isn't this also the alienation developing through every mechanistic kind of activity?
   Meaning is what swats gossiping down, meaning is what maintains the personal attitude and self-esteem of a person, meaning is what constitutes the driving force for someone to move on in their life. Meaning is what directs each one of us towards their professional actvities and career. Meaning is what builds effective co-operations. Meaning is what anchors authentic relationships - or tears them down. Meaning is what forms the circumstanes of a life and opens the path. This is why the paths are many and various, according to the meaning given by each person. Of course, the final destination is one, regardless of how many will manage to keep it in sight and arrive there.
   All those who have found their meaning can try to preserve it, and those who are still searching should not quit and go on. They will inevidably find it. Furthermore, if it keeps on changing as they grow up, they should not be afraid but let it guide them.

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